" I don’t have to draw a line in the sand. I already have one.
It’s Thin. It’s Blue. It’s mine and if you cross it, I will protect it."

Who We Are

THREE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE DAYS a year, around the clock, the brave men and women of Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue and countless other first responders are there to protect you, your family and community. They are sworn to put your safety above everything else and it is their honor to do so. We all sleep better knowing they are there protecting us, our children and freedoms as we go about our lives.

Support the Badge is the slogan chosen by NEP Services (NEP), to rally members of our communities to take part in supporting these everyday heroes and directly impact the communities they live in. For more than 20 years, NEP has worked with hundreds of thousands of first responders and their organizations to raise funding to support their community programs and help take care of their fallen brothers and sisters. Many who came to this site are already part of our circle of supporters and we couldn’t be more thankful and proud of them. We hope that they and our new friends will further explore and donate to the worthwhile programs that NEP has created to benefit our first responders, their families, and our communities.

Help A Hero Logo
Secure Fundraising for Heroes

We know bad things happen to our best people. When a hero in your life is critically injured, falls upon hard times or their families need relief, you want to help them. Help A Hero is an easy, step-by-step, do it yourself crowdfunding platform for the Heroes in your life. NEP built this simple, online tool that allows you to quickly generate a fundraising webpage to help ease the burden and guarantee that monies raised will reach their destinations, safely and securely. We encourage you to visit Helpahero.com to better understand how you can help the heroes in your life.

Easy to Create

Crisis hits when we least expect it. And when you are needed elsewhere, you don’t have time to wade through long technical processes just to get much needed online fundraising going. Help A Hero was built so that you can follow simple, step by step directions and post the page quickly so you can tend to your other matters without delay.

Safe and Secure Crowd-Fundraising

Help A Hero was created by a team of fundraising experts with many years of experience. Being able to trust that much needed funds reach their intended destination without worry when crisis occurs, is our primary objective. And donors giving from their hearts should never have such concerns either. Using the most secure protocols, Help A Hero fundraising pages ensure safe, reliable acceptance and delivery of all your donations.

Trusted by First Responders

Help A Hero was originally developed for First Responders and their families. Their safety, advancement, and confidence in our abilities are the drivers for our success. Over time we recognized that everyone has other heroes in their lives. We expanded the Help A Hero platform so that the general public can take advantage of the same confidence given to NEP from our brave First Responders.

9-99 Foundation

9-99 Foundation Logo
Supporting the Lives of Our Nation’s Law Enforcement Officers

9-99 is a police call code in certain parts of the country. And it is one of the worst for Law Enforcement professionals to hear. It means all hands emergency and officers are in trouble. Bad trouble. Here at NEP we’ve adopted it to represent a call to duty for all they protect. The 9-99 Foundation was established to support the lives of our fallen, injured and recovering officers and their families. And in taking it to the next level, to support causes that prevent the frequency of hearing that call code.

All events, campaigns and donations run through 9-99 benefit these brave men and women. Improving and safeguarding their lives and jobs should be a part of every citizen’s duty. Doing so will in turn reward our communities with superior Law Enforcement. Giving to the 9-99 Foundation is how we can protect the lives of our protectors. Please explore 999foundation.org to discover how you can better the world for yourself and Law Enforcement endeavors.

Injured Officers

60,000 Officers and Sheriffs were injured in the line of duty in 2017. This is a staggering number. Some of the costs of their recovery is covered by their benefits to be sure, but all too often those benefits fall far short of the total impact to the officers and their families. NEP ensures that the proceeds generated by The 9-99 Foundation go DIRECTLY to those shortfalls. Your help is necessary.

Post-Traumatic Stress

Another staggering statistic that logically surprises few: 1 in 3 Officers and Sheriffs suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress. They deal with tragedy and suffering on a daily basis. And in being human, they often pay a price for that. The 9-99 Foundation maintains a hard focus on PTSD and other stress related impacts on the men and women of Law Enforcement. They need our help and we can be sure to keep giving it with yours.

K9 Support

Everyone admires Police Dogs. They are front line heroes. By using their natural senses and trained skills they enhance police work. And they make crime fighting for their human partners safer. What many don’t understand is that acquiring, training and taking care of these wonderful animals is a cost burden that often falls outside of local Law Enforcement budgets. In short, your police cover the costs of the animals out of their pockets! The 9-99 Foundation helps to alleviate that burden. When you give, it improves the lives of both human and K-9 officers, making our streets that much more secure. (Yes! K-9s are police officers too!)